Modern Music

I’m completely out of touch with “modern” music. While I was driving yesterday, I switched from SiriusXM to terrestrial radio. I’ve pretty much given up on local broadcasting. There is just nothing of merit on the air anymore. Of course, Dave Flash Morgan and Kristy Knight are the obvious exceptions. 

Ironic, I know, since I was once a DJ, but the entire radio industry is a tragic, hollow shell of what it once was. I digress.

Back to my, I’m-out-of-touch moment…

A song came on a local station and the dashboard identified it as something by Demi Lovato. Apparently this is a real person. For years, I’ve heard that name, but in the context with which I heard it, I never realized she wasn’t a fictional character. For some reason, I envisioned an animated character, specifically a cartoon tomato. The tomato went on adventures, solved mysteries, etc.

I told this to my wife, which was met with a well-deserved eye roll.

I think I’ll be going back to the 80’s channel with an occasional visit to First Wave and Hair Nation. It’s safe there.